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Mother of Mine | Flash Post 307

Mother of Mine | Flash Post 307

Button, had my mother been around today, she would have turned 92.

That’s really sad. I remember the year 2016 when the families decided to get together in Kolkata and celebrate her 90th birthday. The photographs clicked on that day is up for all to see.

She was so pleased to see both her daughters’ families, especially her grandchildren, under one roof. She posed for photographs and, at lunchtime, made sure that everybody ate well. Have you seen the picture where Dost is feeding her? And the one where he is holding her close to him? The tenderness has been captured so brilliantly!

Who clicked them?

Our family photographer, chotididi. We had also planned a huge event around her when she turned 100 in the year 2026.

That would have been wonderful.

I think God planned it a little differently though.  He must have wanted to celebrate her 100th with him wherever he may be. You know, na, that after she was bed-ridden, both Dost and I told her about our desire to bring her to Mumbai.

What did she say?

That she’d come once she recovered. But that was not to be!

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