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Hurrah To The Girl Child | Flash Post 306

Hurrah To The Girl Child | Flash Post 306

Button, I take my hat off to the millennial ladies. Give or take a couple of years here and there.

Why? What have they done?

What have they not? There was a time when most ladies post marriage stayed back home to tend to their homes and families but not so anymore. Girls are not only going out to work to add their earnings to the family kitty but they are also tending to their homes and families with as much zeal. I have two such staff members who are doing just this. The lady who has been in our employment for over 30 plus years joined immediately after she got married at the young age of 19. Not only has she supported her family financially but she has brought up three children who are all graduates–one has done so well that she’s been offered a scholarship to study further.

That sounds so good.

The other young girl who also got married rather early at the age of 20 has been around for almost seven years. She has a young kid who she is sending to school and has a plan worked out in her head for her and, because she doesn’t have any formal education, she wants her child to study as far as she can afford it. To be able to do this, she leaves her home at 7 every morning to come to the city to work till about 5 every evening. By the time she reaches home, it’s well past 7 when she has to complete her household chores from cooking dinner to putting her child to bed so she can get up in time to go to school the next morning and she to work.

It’s amazing and something to be truly proud of.

However, she does not have any regrets of having given birth to a girl child and is going out of her way to bring up that child as best as she can.

It’s such a touching story.

Can one of our government’s Yojanas, beti bachao, beti padhao, even match up to what these women and many others like them are doing?

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