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The Rains Are Back | Flash Post 305

The Rains Are Back | Flash Post 305

Button, the rains are finally here. It has quenched the thirst of trees and plants, brought some respite for us from the scorching heat and humidity, washed the roads clean and brought huge relief for farmers and those who work in the fields growing the grains, lentils and vegetables we all feed off.

It’s been raining non-stop since Friday night. The rains are truly beautiful and soothing. It also amazes me at the way the weather changes: For instance, it is monsoon now which will change into fall and then winter and slide back into spring.

It’s very worrisome that because of global warming, the demarcation of one type of weather changing its course into another sometimes gets delayed so the next season change automatically gets pushed back.

But what I really enjoy doing in the rains is stand by the window and watch the rains come down, hit the surface it’s falling on and spurt up. I also love the fragrance of soil when the first drops of rain fall on it. What I also love is the sight of cars splashing through the water-logged roads, school children hurrying to reach home and some even without any rain covering enjoying the rain and getting drenched.

Have you also noticed that the Koel has stopped singing the plaintive song it sings just before the rains almost pleading with the rain gods to send rain in time?

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