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Big Hearts | Flash Post 308

Big Hearts | Flash Post 308

Button, I simply love these stories.

I, too, love stories.

Here’s a story that’ll touch the deepest cord in your heart and make you go awwww!

I’d love to listen to it.

This story appeared some time last week and it was reported that one of Canada’s biggest music festival, Bluesfest, was most likely to be put on hold because the organisers wanted to wait for its current occupant to move out.

And who was occupying the space?

You won’t believe this but it happened that a tiny bird called the Killdeer that had laid four eggs and was waiting for them to hatch.

Really? How cute is that!

Apparently Canadian law does not allow moving the endangered bird, which is a protected species, without permission. The eggs take around 25 days to hatch. Experts say that the bird could possibly desert the eggs if they are relocated beyond a few feet.


The organisers have now cordoned off that area and even hired a security guard to make sure nobody tampers with the bird’s nest.

That’s what governments should be like. It’s so disgusting that people get lynched for doing no wrong in our country. How would it care for its animals, flora and fauna?

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