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Goodbye 2018. Welcome 2019 | Flash Post 337

Goodbye 2018. Welcome 2019 | Flash Post 337

Button, in less than 7 hours, 2018 will make an exit.

And 2019 will make an entry.

Like every year 2018 has had its highs and lows. I climbed out of depression in January and stayed there enjoying a high till August before crashing again in September.

I love it when you are on a high.

Actually every member in the family loves it when I come out of my slumps. I become more agile, more accepting, more carefree, more positive, more creative and extremely happy.

I know what you mean. I have witnessed this person when she goes into a slump and when she’s out of it.

Since we are about to bid adieu to this year in about 12 hours, let’s talk about some of the positive events that brought glory to India and made us proud.

You must. I’d love to know how my country fared this year.

1. India’s national blind cricket team won the 2018 Blind Cricket World Cup.
2. Maharashtra government put the plastic ban in full effect.
3. Mithali Raj became the first Indian cricketer to score 2000 T20I runs.
4. Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian gymnast to clinch a gold at a global event.
5. Sonam Wangchuk and Bharat Vaswani won the Ramon Magsaysay Award.
6. Sunil Chhetri became the third highest scorer in the world in football.
7. India gets its first ever all-female SWAT team.
8. Indian Air Force gets its first woman fighter pilot.
9. An Indian-origin engineer won an Oscar for filming mid-air sequences that were used in movies such as Dunkirk and Guardians of the Galaxy among others.
10. World’s first thermal battery plant was built in Andhra Pradesh.

Quite an achievement I must say.

Do you feel sad when a year steps aside to let the next year step in its place?

Oh yes, I do. That’s the time I remember all the good stuff I enjoyed.

And the not-so-good stuff that trips us and gets us to dust ourselves and get up and try again? The bad experiences actually train us to handle tough situations and strengthens us. If every experience were pleasant, it would turn us into softies and make us very boring people!

That’s also correct.

Now, let’s take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy and cheerful new year.

Happy new year, dear readers, and all the very best for 2019.

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