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I Have. I Have Not! | Flash Post 338

I Have. I Have Not! | Flash Post 338

Button, have you made any new year resolution?

Of Course I have and quite a few.

Do you mind sharing them with us?

Well, my first resolution is to control my eating and lose some weight. The second is to exercise every day of the year, my third is to be happy, my fourth is to show kindness to others and, let’s see, my fifth is to write as many blogposts as I can along with you for our community of readers who enjoy them.

That’s wonderful.

Tell us about your new year resolutions.

I usually don’t make resolutions but I’ve thrown caution to the winds this year and actually made a couple.

Tell us. Tell us.

Well, my first is that I’ll try and laugh much more and my second is that I’ll try and do something nice for myself each day: Something that will make me really, really happy and proud.

Aren’t you being selfish?

Why selfish! This is our family GP, Dr Farokh Udwadia’s, advice to me when I succumbed to depression. He told me that women, in general, do things for others all the time to make them happy and, in the bargain, forget that they exist! Do you know that in poor homes in villages, women cook, clean, draw water from wells, till the soil for farming and go without meals for days because she’s fed her family all the food and don’t have anything left for herself? If she’s like cry, she ends up eating some leftover food after the family has eaten.

I see the meaning in that advice. Only if you love and care for yourself can you love and care for others. It’s a wise bit of advice.

Let’s throw open this question to our community and see what resolution they have made this year, provided they have made one.

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