Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Flash Post 247!

Flash Post 247!

Pinky And Her Five Friends Who Put Her Together Again Part 2:

You go, Button.

All five friends- Spidy, the spider, Frisky, the jingle-jangle rat, Twiggy, the worm, Tantan, the ant and Rusty, the roach were mighty worried. They had to find a way to prevent Pinky from melting further. They had grown close to her in just a few days and they were desperately trying to find a formula by which they could prevent something negative from happening to her.

In the meantime, Pinky had confided to them that she was a pill, in other words a medicinal tablet and, she was indeed melting because she was made of stuff– actually from different kinds of powders– that gradually disintegrated or, simply put, melted, when it came in touch with water, in particular.

We have to bandage her up, said Frisky, trying desperately to pull her buck teeth back inside as they had got caught outside her bulbous mouth. That way, there will be no chance of water penetrating it.

Are you stupid, retorted Spidy? How will that help? Once the bandage gets wet, the pill will melt and decay. Instead of bandaging her, I can use the stuff I spin my web with which is waterproof and which will withstand water from reaching the pill and melting it.

Twiggy, the worm, was actually a chrysalis worm from which butterflies emerge. Balancing herself on the tip of her tail, she calmed the others before explaining — the substance I wrap myself up with is 100% waterproof and toughened than the stuff Spidy spins her web with before I go into hibernation and I can use this to seal Pinky from head to toe leaving two slits where her eyes are so she can see and a little slit where her mouth is so she can eat to put on some of the weight she has lost. Everything else will be coated with this cast and I am almost sure Pinky will be safe from melting further every time water comes gushing down the drain. Just then, a whoosh of water came in through the drain drenching everybody else including Tantan, the ant who held on to the sides of the gutter for dear life and Rusty, the roach, who was much bigger and stronger and therefore could bear the onslaught a little better that the others.

But when they all looked down at Pinky, they gasped. She looked emaciated and lay on her side breathing heavily. Twiggy knew that she had to get to work right away.

She worked on Pinky day and night and after seven days and seven nights managed to seal Pinky from head to toe leaving three slits only– two for her eyes so she could see and one for her mouth so she could eat her food.

There’s one problem though, squeaked Frisky.

What’s that? asked Twiggy.

Nobody’s thought of how Twiggy’s bandage will accommodate the weight that Pinky puts on from time to time?

Oh that! exclaimed Twiggy. How do you think worms inside chrysalis turn into butterflies? We turn into butterflies because there is a magic potion in the substance we use to make the chrysalis with. After the worm stays within the chrysalis for about a month, we break free from inside our chrysalis and fly away as butterflies.

What are you trying to tell us? asked Rusty. That Pinky will also turn into a butterfly? A pink butterfly someday and fly away?

But why not? asked Twiggy.

And that is exactly what happened. In about 28 days, Pinky turned into an exquisitely pink butterfly and flew away. She visited her friends every single day and even found them a new place in a colony to live in so they did not have to get bathed in filthy gutter water several times every day.

Spidy, Frisky, Twiggy, Tantan and Rusty thanked Pinky for the new place of residence after Pinky had thanked Twiggy and all her other friends for giving her a new lease of life.

And freedom to top it all.

Image 1: A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis

Image 2: A butterfly just emerged from a chrysalis photographed in the Singapore butterfly garden at Changi Airport

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