Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Flash Post 246!

Flash Post 246!

Button, Dost just dropped one of his round pills which gave me an Alice in Wonderland-ish idea for our third short story. Shall we get cracking?

Why not? Your go first.


Trying to pop one of his morning pills into his mouth, Dost accidentally missed it and the pill fell to the ground. The little circular cream and pink dual coloured pill (Henceforth to be called Pinky) fell onto the smooth floor and rolled on and on. My pill, my pill. Catch it. Catch it. One of you get that bastard. Being the younger one, as chotididi ran after it faster and faster, the pill rolled down a slope and, before didi could lay her hands on it, the pill suddenly disappeared down one of the net-free water drainage outlets and was lost from sight forever. Choti, in the meantime, had slipped and fallen flat on her face, scraping both knees badly. Her barididi’s laughter, in the meantime, got louder and louder trying to pull up her younger kin over the fact that she had not been able to catch such a small pill and letting it slip out of her hands.

As she rolled down the drain, Pinky suddenly found herself staring at two huge lid-less bulging eyes that had Gandhi spectacles balancing on top of them. And who are you, Pinky asked with trembling voice. I am Spidy, one of the five friends who have made this gutter our home. And who are you, pretty one? Are you a new friend on the block? No, replied Pinky. I accidentally slipped into the gutter and am new here. Come, said Spidy, I’ll introduce you to the others who make up this fivesome. She seemed rather friendly though. So saying, Spidy held on to Pinky with one of his spindly tentacles and led her further down the gutter.

As they were walking along, a swoosh of dirty, black and smelly water came and washed them from head to toe. Spidy explained that because this was a gutter, they took a shower several times a day and the water was usually smelly and dirty. We take showers sometimes even at night with the same dirty and smelly water. Come with me. We will now go and meet Frisky, the old rat.

As soon as Spidy mentioned Frisky, they found a huge rat scurrying towards them. The flesh on her arms and thighs jingled and jangled and she had only two front teeth left in her mouth. Meet Frisky, said Spidy, introducing her to Pinky. Both shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. As they shook hands, Pinky realised that some of the gutter muck had transferred itself from Frisky’s hand onto her own. She overlooked that and even managed to plant a kiss on Frisky’s sunken cheek.

As they were talking, a pretty little pink worm raised his head from somewhere and placed it on Pinky’s shoulder. I’ve been eves-dropping into your conversation all this while. May I, too, say hi to Pinky? She’s too pretty for words. But she’s too thin. We will have to feed her well and see that she puts on some weight.

In the meantime, more water was thrown down the gutter and they all had to hold on to the sides of the drain to prevent themselves from being washed away.

And who is this pretty little thing amongst us, asked the ant? And why has nobody introduced her to me when I have been very much around? You were next in line, explained Frisky. It was just a matter of time. By the way, her name is Pinky and she is the sixth member of this group of friends. She accidentally fell into the gutter when she was seeking freedom and came and landed in the spread-eagled arms of Spidy. Henceforth, she is one of us.

The final member of this group was Rusty, the roach. He, too, came, swung his tentacles round Pinky’s neck and gave her a tight hug and said hello.

Pinky was mighty impressed with the warm welcome that she had just received from the group of friends she belonged to now.

Just then one more huge gush of water came and washed over them once again when Spidy remarked, Isn’t Pinky looking even thinner than before? Each of the group members seemed to agree. They all looked somewhat perplexed but didn’t know what the reason might be. Was Pinky well, they wondered! Why did it seem that she was melting a little bit every time a gush of water came and washed over them?

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