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That Thing Called Love | Flash Post 393

That Thing Called Love | Flash Post 393

In 1931, King Edward Vlll met and fell in love with a common American socialite, Wallis Simpson. However, when his marriage met with opposition from the royals, he gave up his throne for her.

I’m sure there are hundreds of such stories of valour and love.

Just recently I read about a young female wolf who bid goodbye to her family and left home to find love. That was in January 2018. For the next two years, she roamed far and near and, according to scientists who tracked her movements through a radio transmitter collar, found that she had returned to her family in Oregon, perhaps to complain to them about the lack of dates.

That’s so sweet.

It was found that she had even crossed over to Nevada last fall, walking an average of 13 miles a day. Only because she wanted someone she could love and who would love her in return.

Did she find the love of her life eventually?

Sadly, no. Her dead body was found last week.

That’s heart-breaking.

Button, guess why I’ve been rattling on and on about love.

Not a clue.

I’m talking about the youngest and most recent addition to our family.

You mean the special kid we brought home?

That’s her. Whenever I pick her up and hold her close, she nudges as far in as she can into my neck, shuts her eyes and falls asleep immediately. She’s not greedy and all she craves is some attention and loads of love.

I get the feeling she has you by your short and curlies.

She has a way of endearing herself to anybody she meets up with and has the capacity to wring out every bit of love from even the most hard-hearted brute on the face of this earth. Her fawn-like eyes are like fresh water springs filled with gratitude and love. Even when she goes out for walks, there‘s not a soul on the streets who doesn’t fawn over her and shower love and concern for her. And she basks in the attention gladly.

She’s a special one, no doubt.

That she is.

She’s also found shelter in a house full of animal lovers.

I have loved the pets we’ve had over the years, mostly rescued, to distraction, but the love I feel for this little one is a kind of love I’ve not felt before.

That could be because of the sympathy you feel for her because of her condition.

Not right. It’s love I can’t fathom.

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