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Terror Tantrums | Flash Post 324

Terror Tantrums | Flash Post 324

Button, why is it so gloomy today?

Is it going to rain? Anything is possible given the way our weather is going!

Also the way our world is headed. Remember 26/11 when hundreds of innocent lives were massacred by gun-toting men for no fault of theirs? I find that act very similar to the act of a child throwing a tantrum and finding peace once his wanton demands have been met. Only, with 26/11, the man-child manages to find a real gun and shoot dead whoever he encounters.

I remember that incident. I was very much there when it happened and I remember seeing the billowing smoke escaping from the Oberoi Trident.  That was such a horrific act of inhumanity.

And insanity.

I agree.

Today marks the 10th year since it happened when Mumbai was held hostage by a group of ten terrorists. They opened fire and killed ten people at Cafe Leopold first before moving on to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the Oberoi Trident Hotel, the Cama Hospital and CST and shooting some more.

What was the name of that terrorist who was hanged?

You mean Ajmal Kasab? All the nine remaining terrorists were shot dead leaving him as the solitary man standing but later tried, found guilty and hanged.

Can that be a compensation for those who lost their lives prematurely?

I fail to answer that one.

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