Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.

A Star In The Making! | Flash Post 325

Button, This morning’s Mumbai Mirror carried a front-page as well as an inside full-page story on how a family of three from Gujarat saved the life of a kitten that was stuck in their car engine.

I can gauge what you will say next!


That the latest addition to our family, Miu Miu, was rescued in exactly the same way. Should I tell our readers a little about him?

You must. Please go ahead.

Yippee. It’s my turn to actually greenlight a story. Well, one of our security guys in the building, Amit, heard a faint mewing sound coming from one of the vehicles parked in the building compound. After he had scanned the whole vehicle closely and failed to find the source, he lifted the car bonnet to find a scrawny little kitten burrowed on the side of the car engine. He immediately
looked up at him with huge and pleading eyes and a wide-mouthed meow as if to tell the guard to rescue him. Amit gently lifted him up and placed him on the floor.  He meowed again but was too weak to take a step forward.

Unaware of what to do next, Amit landed up outside our door, rang the bell and proceeded to tell us about where he had found the kitten and what he should do next.  We proceeded to find out how we could save this helpless animal. Since he was starving, the saucer of diluted milk that we placed in front of him was lapped up in no time. Our next step was to check out with an animal lover, Geeten, what we needed to do next while Amit proceeded to find a place where he could stay safely without the huge building rats attacking him. Not having too many options, Amit temporarily placed him in the drawer of a discarded cabinet lying in the compound. We named him Miu Miu and continued to feed him milk till the time Geeten had a vet check him out and give him the necessary shots.

Miu Miu was taken off the milk and put on a curd and canned cat food diet. Having regained his energy, he refused to stay in the drawer even after Amit let him out once in a while to get some fresh air and hide under other car bonnets, obviously his comfort zone. The last time he disappeared, Amit had to call a car mechanic who used two car jacks to haul the car up to pull him out.

He lives in a big cage now, courtesy chotididi, and eats packaged cat food thrice a day. A dog-like leash helps Amit take him for walks so he can’t escape somewhere that’s unsafe for him. A big ball of twine attached to a rod that he grabs and flings about keeps him busy during the day while Amit is at work.

And, every evening, once barididi returns home, Miu Miu makes his entry into our apartment and, in a little room he feels safe in, plays with whatever he can lay his little paws on, till dinner time. After eating out of the saucer allotted only to him and slurping up the water from his little bowl, he tilts it to empty it of every drop of water.

Now, tell our readers why he does this.

It’s playtime next when he proceeds to utilise the bowl doubly as an object to use up his excess energy. He hits it hard, then darts towards it and hits it with his paw again sending it in another direction. He dribbles the bowl between his tiny paws, leapfrogs high up in the air, grabs the bowl before hitting it again. This goes on till he is tired and Amit rings our doorbell to carry him back to his cage for the night.

An apt name for him should have been Messi–a name suggested by barididi.

Who’s he?

One of the greatest football players of all time. Watch the video attached with this post and laugh your guts out.

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