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Know What I Did Last Night! | Flash Post 455

Know What I Did Last Night! | Flash Post 455

Tell me.

I prayed only for myself!

Is it wrong?

Button, I’ve never done it before! I’ve prayed for my parents, my siblings, my relatives, the husband, children, my pets, but never only for myself! But wait, I have prayed for myself before school examinations to get good grades but I think I also prayed for my sister to score well!

You mean to say that between childhood and 70, you’ve not prayed just for yourself? That seems a little strange! You didn’t pray to him to safeguard you when the children were born or to give you strength to cope with life when you lost your parents or to guide you when Dost was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease?

I can’t think I did but even if I did, it was coupled with prayers for other family members, the unborn child, the parents, Dost, my pets. So when I took a break from praying for everyone last night and said a prayer only for myself, it felt a little odd at first but the guilt lifted when I realised that it was okay to pray only for myself sometimes.

When you pray for others, do you pray for yourself as well?


Likewise, you can pray for yourself and only for yourself. Did it feel good?

Actually, it felt great because I was entering unfamiliar territory. A territory you are somewhat fearful of because it’s unknown.

May I ask how the conversation went?

Let me assure you that it wasn’t anywhere close to that Janis Joplin number where the lyrics are: Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz and a colour TV and something something… During my growing up years the prayers were like—God, I’ve studied hard so please make sure I pass these examinations with flying colours or God, I want the red frock that’s up in the shop window for Christmas or God, please make sure I get to play Lady Macbeth in the schools annual day concert. When I prayed to him last night, it was to thank him for everything I have in my life. Do you pray, Button?

I do. I do. Only sometimes.

Only when you need something from him?

I would think so. My needs aren’t much so I talk to him only when I want something. Only yesterday, I asked him for a monkey cap because I feel very cold these days.

So you just folded your hands, shut your eyes and told god to send you a monkey cap! Does god ask you questions about the size and colour of the cap you’d like?

He never does because he knows.

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