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In Defense of Ears | Flash Post 453

In Defense of Ears | Flash Post 453

Ears? You mean ears we hear with?

Yes, Button. Reams and reams have been written on our eyes, nose, lips, the neck but nothing complimenting our ears! Have you ever thought about that? Or read anything that says nice things about them?


Some funny stuff have been written on ears in Bengali but nothing in praise of them! There are some lovely similes describing eyes—like, for instance, expressive eyes or doe-shaped eyes or eyes that are like pools of azure blue water. The nose has been described as sharp or beautifully shaped like a peacock’s beak. History has it that had Cleopatra’s nose been shorter, European history would have taken a different turn. Back then, a long nose symbolised strength of character. Hair has been described as our crowning glory while the neck has been compared to a swan’s. Nefertiti, the renowned Egyptian queen was known for her thin and swan-like neck which is still considered a sign of beauty.

Are you sure there’s nothing remotely complimentary about ears because, without them, we can’t hear any of the beautiful sounds surrounding us. We can’t listen to music. We can’t hear people talk so communication is not possible.

Do you realise that our ears have a face between them so greeting or touching each other is completely out of the question. Actually, there’s a lot of disdain where ears are concerned. During childhood, we are told to clean behind our ears as if they are unwashed and dirty. They are twisted hard if we make the smallest mistake a second time. They are pierced many times over from which we hang danglers and insert ear studs. Spectacle handles rest on them, tailors and carpenters use them as a pencil holders and I personally am of the opinion that they were put there only to be used and abused. If you’re desperate for a smoke, you can be sure to find a beedi tucked away on top on someone’s ear!

But danglers look beautiful on ears.

That’s what I am trying to say, Button! Everybody notices the danglers and discussions ensue regarding where they were purchased from, how much they cost and how good they are looking on the wearer but no one talks about the pierced ears and the pain they were possibly put through! What I am trying to say is that besides it’s core function which is that if hearing, ears are made to multi-task!

You have a point.

During the COVID years, our ears were abused the most. And who made profit from selling those masks that were kept in place by our ears? Big-time manufacturers as well as the smaller ones. From sports biggies to well-known fashion labels to even my tailor next door got busy making masks catering to all and sundry. People who could afford the expensive brands bought them and those who couldn’t bought them from local pharmacies and smaller vendors. Gradually, when the junta started spilling onto the streets once again, it seemed like a fashion parade—not the fashion shows showing designer wear, footwear or jewellery but to a parade of face masks! There were cotton ones because we were told that the non-cotton masks would make our skin sweat and give us skin rash. There were solid coloured masks, masks stitched from printed cloth, masks with floral designs and, finally, masks adorned with bling that people wore to preen and be noticed. And who bore the brunt of being abused every time the user put the mask on and took it off?

Our ears.

When regulations eased, the ears weren’t spared. People then started to hang masks from one ear as if it was a fashion statement!

I guess they wore them as danglers!

Air pods that are stuffed into both ears when you want to listen to music or speak with someone without being disturbed or disturb those around you can’t be a pleasant experience.

Is there really nothing that comes to mind that’s pleasing to salvage ears from total despair? Something small but something nevertheless!

There’s this tiny sweet that’s made in Kolkata jocularly called “kaan mola”. It’s a tiny sandesh made in the shape of a ear.

A tiny tribute but a tribute nevertheless.

Ouch: It hurts!

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