Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
I Wonder! | Flash Post 435

I Wonder! | Flash Post 435

Button, I woke up this morning to a sparkling new day. The sun was shining bright. The sky was a clear azure blue. Birds were chirping and the cool breeze whistling through the fronds of the tall palm trees in the garden made me look around with wonder.

I too noticed it as compared to yesterday when I woke up to a damp and dismal morning.

Do you know what came to my mind, Button?

Tell me.

That each day has a character of its own, very much like yours or mine or anybody else’s for that matter. It could be feeling ecstatic on certain days. Those are the sunny and sparkling days we encounter. On days when it feels low and unhappy, it looks dark and gloomy. At times, a day starts by being bright but turns cloudy later which would probably mean that it started out happy and sadness crept in later to make it dull and gloomy or it began the day on a dull note and things looked up later in the day!

Are you saying days too have mood swings? Especially during the rains.

I would imagine! Else, why would they differ so drastically? You get what I mean? During summer, every day is bright and sunny which makes me think that they are in a very happy frame of mind. The rains make them feel low and the sudden bright and sunny days inbetween—like the one we encountered yesterday—wakes them up from their slumber!

Makes sense to me.

The way a day pans out has a great effect on our moods too. When chotididi tells me she feels miserable on dark and rainy days, I now get what she means.

I know you love the rains.

I do. Because of fond childhood memories when we’d have a day off from school because it had rained heavily through the night and roads were water-logged. We’d get ready nonetheless and walk through all that muck and ankle-deep water only to be told that school was shut. But it was fun splashing through the rainwater back home again because we knew ma would have a bowl of hot khichdi and fried brinjal waiting for us. If we were lucky, we’d also get treated to a piece of fried hilsa. I loved sitting by the window and watching others tackle the water-logged streets and vehicles spraying people with water as they zipped past.

I’ve watched you standing by your bedroom window even now clicking pictures of rain-soaked roads and there was that picture you took of a droplet of crystal clear water precariously hanging from the tip of the fir tree in the garden. Getting back to mood swings, don’t we all have them? Aren’t there days when we feel unhappy about something and therefore low? I, too, have my good and bad days.

My good days and bad days are so visibly demarcated that whenever I am quieter, I am asked by my family if all’s well.

Every kind of living species has mood swings. If I can have mood swings, I am sure Messi and our other kids go through it as well. The days when Messi curls up in the luggage hold and does not respond after we have cried ourselves hoarse for hours makes me feel he’s having a bad day too. On other days, he’s racing all around the house at breakneck speed, sharpening his claws on the sides of the sofas and teasing his two buddies.

It’s bright and sunny for the third day running even though the meteorological department predicted that we would have heavy to moderate rains this weekend.

Fingers crossed. Let’s hope the spell continues for some time.

Remember that our lakes can supply water to the city for just a month or thereabouts.  The government has also announced a 10% water cut beginning Monday. Still want to see the sun when you wake up?

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