Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Goodbye. Welcome. | Flash Post 370

Goodbye. Welcome. | Flash Post 370

Button, this morning, as I squeezed out the last bit of toothpaste from the tube, I found it sad, ravaged, distorted and a complete mess. And, as I took out the new one from the closet, it gleamed in my hand, all upright and daring to go.


Let’s try and do a dialogue between the two tubes of toothpaste where you are the new tube—I mean the fat one. And I, the thin and warped one which is about to be dumped.

That’s a thrilling idea. Let’s go for it. You to start.

Hey, brother, I haven’t seen you around here ever. How are you wearing an identical green coat like mine? They call me Laurell. Who are you?

I am Haardy and this is my everyday attire. But why are you looking so tired and shrivelled up? Life is wonderful, start living.

When I was your age, Haardy, that’s exactly what I told my predecessor. When I set my eyes on him, he looked old and all knotted up. He also wore a slouch and was bow-legged. When I, wearing my freshly ironed green jacket asked him what was wrong with him, he looked at me and said that life had taken its toll on him and, though he had nothing to complain about, his time was up and he had go to make space for others.

You want to tell me that your predecessor looked the way you now look? Thin and weak and disgruntled?

Well, Haardy, I have lived long and I have lived well but, like everyone and everything in life, I too must move on. Actually I am fortunate that my mistress avails of my services only once every morning. The rest of the day is mine to do as I please.

Does that mean your mistress brushes her teeth once a day, Laurell?

Not at all. She uses three different kinds of toothpaste as advised by her dentist.

Which means that you have lived longer than your counterparts!

I actually have since humans usually brush their teeth with just one brand of toothpaste. If he does this—say, even thrice a day—that tube of toothpaste would get exhausted twice as fast as me.

By that yardstick, you should be rejoicing for having lived for so long.

I wish, Haardy. All the standing around on my head for such long periods was tough.

Why have you been standing on your head?

Because my mistress prefers it that way and since she can’t make me stand up from the other end because I’d topple over or lay me down because there isn’t that much space on the sink board for the three of us, she makes me as well as the other two stand on our heads. By now, I should have had a stroke for sure with all the blood gushing to my head but I’ve been lucky. I have had more than my share of happiness and am grateful and still standing here but your advent makes me feel that my time is finally up.

But look at the good side, Laurell. You’ve had a long and wonderful life. You’ve dutifully served your mistress and given her your best moments. Be happy for that.

You’re such an optimist, Haardy. I’m loving this tete a tete.

It was nice chatting with you too, Laurell.  Wish me good luck and pray that I, too, can serve my mistress as well as you did. By the way, what happens once we land in the garbage dump? Are we buried or burnt?

If I’m not mistaken, we are made from a kind of plastic or aluminium or a plastic and aluminium composite so that we can be recycled. I don’t know how it can happen though, once we are dumped. But we can at least look forward to it. Here’s hoping we’ll meet again in our next life. It was wonderful knowing you, Haardy.

That’s cool. Now before we say goodbye, can I give you a nice and tight hug?

Any time, Haardy. You’re a good soul.

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