Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Flash Post 196!

Flash Post 196!

Button, realise one thing in life which is that if you believe, your belief will come true.

What does that mean?

I mean exactly what I said and I’ll explain to you why I believe.

I’m listening.

We had some fengshui at home which were bought some 2-3 years back. They were divided into two vases. One was kept in the living area which is the family meeting area most times and the other was kept in a lovely well-lit anti-room we call the tea room though we’ve never had tea there. The one in the hall bloomed beautifully to start with and so did the one in the tea room. I suspect it thrived listening to our conversations, the music we played there plus all the shows and movies we watched which they must have witnessed and participated in a manner they knew.


One day didi and I went to Good Earth at the Palladium and bought some white and pink artificial bougainvillea which didi added to both vases on return. I had warned her then that the real plants would not be able to make peace with the idea of having intruders in their space — in this case — the bougainvillaea and would protest after a point of time. Didi shrugged off the idea as silly and I let her be.

This is turning out to be interesting.

After doing fairly well for the first 5-6 months, we found the fengshui wilting and looking almost dead. I again pointed this out to didi but I was silenced once again. She kept telling me how the two together looking smashing in their vases. I kept my concern to myself till one fine morning, we found that out of the 12 stalks of fengshui, 3 were already dead and yet more were looking extremely sick and unhealthy.

And what did you then do?

We separated the fengshui from the bougainvillea, snipped the dead bits off the fengshui and put the two in separate vases. For months, the fengshui sulked and refused to let bygones be bygones. Plus the trauma of having been trimmed must have shocked and hurt the plants. I changed their location a few times to find a location they would feel safe and comfortable in. I have 6 stalks left and they stand in a vase on my piano. I speak with them every morning, touch them and give them hope that they can make it and start living life once again. And you must see this to believe it, Button. They are holding their heads high again. 5 out of the 6 have sprouted new shoots and are looking skywards ready to take a shot at life once again.

That’s wonderful and so touching.

There’s one out of the 6 that’s completely bare and bald. I call him my Dost and am waiting for the day when he/she will sprout at least one tiny leaf.

That’s a fantastic story of hope and never having to say die.

Thank you.

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