Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Flash Post 102!

Flash Post 102!

House staff: Bhalu aya, Bhalu aya… ghar ke andar bhalu aya…madaaam!

It was around 11 in the morning and the rest of the parivar had left for work. I was at home with the 2 maids when one of them heard a tap tap on the door and opened it only to see a huge bear slip inside with lightning speed. Before she could ask any questions which she’s been trained to ask of complete strangers who come calling for the first time, he had already come rushing in and jumped into my arms as I had, by then, walked out of the bedroom and was walking towards the main entrance on hearing the commotion!

“Give me a tight hug!”

“Take it easy, Button, ( I was a little cold initially but warmed up later) take it easy…you almost toppled me!”

“I’ve grown bigger and heavier! Haven’t I?”

“Both. But, welcome back!”

“You’re very angry with me…na! But I’ll tell you everything someday–that’s if you want to hear my story…”

“We’ll see about that. Let’s stick to the condition I proposed if you returned of not asking any questions and showing no anger! I’ll stick to that!”

“I knew you’d keep your word and that’s why I came back: Thank you.”

“Now, if you’re not too tired, should the four of us go to the Samovar for a meal since it’s probably shutting down today? This was the plan in place!”

“I’d love to do that but let me go and meet Mowgli and Mojo! You think they remember me? I’m so sorry about Rani!”

“Go and check it out. See how they react!”

“I’m surprised! Mowgli remembers me, I feel, because she came, licked me all over and plonked down beside me. Mojo is somewhat wary but that’s justified as she was tiny when I left!”

“She’ll come around in good time.”

“I hope!”

“Button, please also say hello to all those readers who tap into our blog. We have quite a few who read and respond. The number is close to 800. Quite a few have been asking about your whereabouts and when you are returning which means you have fans!”

“The credit goes to you entirely. Thank you so much! And if all of you are ready, we can leave for Samovar!”

“You break the news to Mowgli and Mojo and I’ll talk to the rest of the parivar and find out who all are in a position to go!”

“Ok! But Dost and everybody else must be very irritated with me!”

“A little, maybe. And yes, they had all kept the second half of the day not too busy because they were all, more or less, certain that you’d be back! Have you checked with Mowgli and Mojo?”

“They are game.”

“So let’s pile into the car and head to Samovar. Dost and your didis will meet us there!”

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