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Dogs Have Owners. Cats Have Slaves | Flash Post 343

Dogs Have Owners. Cats Have Slaves | Flash Post 343

What do you mean by that?

Exactly as it says in the headline: Dogs have owners while cats have slaves.

Please explain.

Barididi was at the vet last week. She had taken Messi for his shot of anti-rabies. Another girl who was at the same clinic with her Persian cat mentioned this to didi who asked her what it meant, exactly the way you are asking me.

What did she say?

That dogs look for owners and, when they find one, are totally loyal and love them unconditionally. They are, as we all know, man’s best friend.

I agree.

I have known dogs who have been abandoned by their owners for whatever reason and have waited for their masters to return and take them back home. When this did not happen, they simply passed away without eating a morsel ever since their masters left. I have known dogs who have sat outside their buildings and barked at every passing vehicle thinking their masters have returned. Where will you find such love? Such faithfulness?

That’s so sad. And cats?

Cats treat us as slaves meaning that they are dependent on us as long as they feel it is essential and leave for greener pastures when the urge arises. Cats are totally self-sufficient. They are survivors as compared to dogs who are totally dependent on their owners and rather helpless.

I get you.

But, if you are an animal lover like all of us in our family, you will still do your bit for animals regardless of whether he is a dog or a cat. Or even pigs for that matter. We have no qualms. They could be birds too.

And they have as much right to occupy a space of this universe as much as we do.

Button, here’s a dog thought I read on Twitter: Sometimes, I’ll lean against your leg not because I need support but became I’m scared of losing you.

That’s so eloquent.

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