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A Fascinating Thing Called Life | Flash Post 368

A Fascinating Thing Called Life | Flash Post 368

Button, when my brother-in-law WhatsApp-ed a quote by Ernest Hemingway to me this morning, I found those two lines simple yet extremely powerful.

What did the lines say?

It simply said,  “We are all broken…that’s how the light gets in.”

What did you make of it?

From the time we are born, the chipping away of our bodies and minds begin. We could well be born with a malady at birth that could break us once we realise the malady. This malady could well be responsible for breaking our relationships with parents, siblings and later in life, with all those we encounter in our day-to-day lives as well as those in school, college and in our profession. Those who are abandoned at birth  would feel totally broken upon realising that he or she is unwanted. Being sexually  abused at any age could break us down. And I am not talking about the female gender but about the male gender as well.

The list is long. A little later in life, non-performance in school and college can make us feel useless and incompetent especially if other siblings are promising students.  A child could realise at some point that he or she is queer and feel anxious and confused as to how he or she will break this news to his or her family and friends and feel totally broken.

A bad relationship can break us down emotionally. Death of a loved one can shatter us. A bad and abusive marriage can put us off marriage for the rest of our lives and further break us. A life-threatening illness can also break us down, even more so if we do not have someone beside us to care for us, love us and put us back on our feet again.

The death of a pet who has been there beside us through rough times and good times can make us feel miserable for a long time and shatter us emotionally.

And, each time an incident breaks us down, it leaves us a little more broken, a little more  sadder, a litte more wary but stronger, physically and emotionally and wiser. It is not possible to erase those bad memories with the swish of a magic wand but life is not only about bad memories. Other memories, memories that are sweet, warm, loving, pleasant and memorable can help us wipe out some of the stains and, once again, heal us and make us feel optimistic about facing the future with some hope.

Its like an innocent man who has been given a life sentence for no fault of his. He doesn’t give up and, someday, when he sees a shaft of light, edges towards it with the determination that someone, somewhere, will believe in his innocence and get him out of prison and hand him the gift of life one more time.

I get your point.

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