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Mindfulness | Flash Post 348

Mindfulness | Flash Post 348

What’s that?

Mindfulness is a very favourite word I’ve lately learnt and I find it fascinating.

Why is that?

Ever since I started dating depression and started seeing a psychologist, my sessions now revolve around that word very often. The dictionary puts it as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting ones feelings, thoughts, and  bodily sensations.”

Too highbrow for me. Can you simplify that please?

Well, put simply, it’s being aware of the now and not letting your mind wander. If you we’re listening to music or reading a book, perhaps, mindfulness would be the art of listening to the music or reading that book and being aware of your feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations in that state. The opposite of mindfulness is mindlessness which is being on autopilot where your mind is all over the place.

Is mindfulness similar to meditation?

You can say that.

But meditation is not easy.

It’s not but over a period of time and with regular practice, it’s achievable.

If our minds didn’t wander, how would we dream? Dreams also help us achieve what we want. People dream of being a musician, a dancer, an actor, a poet, a doctor or an engineer. Most people achieve their dreams. Had they not dreamed, wouldn’t they be floating around aimlessly and become unhappy?It could even turn us into boring people? Dreaming takes us into a world of make-belief that can be very exciting. Wouldn’t our lives be unexciting and staid if we didn’t dream?

Button, I understand what you are trying to say and love dreaming too but I am not talking about that. Who wouldn’t want to dream! I am talking about a therapeutic technique.

Can’t we do both? Not simultaneously perhaps but at different times!

Can’t say you can’t.

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