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The Monkey and the Puppy | Flash Post 302

The Monkey and the Puppy | Flash Post 302

Button, whenever I see an image like the one below, I am reminded of how didi got one of our pets home.

That’s so heart-warming. I mean, to see a monkey cuddle a pup so warmly. Tell me the story of how didi brought the little one home.

I’ve told the story earlier in this blog but it’s such a beautiful little tale that I don’t mind narrating it again for you as well as our fresh visitors.


Didi was in the midst of a shoot when the team was squatting on the floor in the hotel garden where there were lots of trees. Suddenly, in the middle of their conversation, a tiny bundle fell into her lap and she realised it was a tiny pup. She looked up to see a group of monkeys chattering away furiously. One had already climbed down from the tree to try her luck at extricating the pup. While didi was scared of the monkey, the tiny ball of fur in the palm of her hands made eye contact with her and their chemistry was instant. The actor who was on the sets suggested that didi should carry the little one back home when she returned. As long as didi was in Ooty, she nursed the little one, cleaned her up of the innumerable fleas she was carrying, fed her, slept with the little one on her bed holding on to her lest she fell off the bed. The next thing she did was pack the little one in a plastic carrier and carry her back home.

How do you think the monkeys felt?

I feel they had snatched her up from a litter of pups a bitch had given birth to and was nursing the baby as if it were her own!

How wonderful. How old is she now?

She’ll turn 13 this August and is a beautiful animal. Her manners are in the right place meaning that, after having noticed her mother (didi) knock before entering our bedroom, she actually barks before entering the same room.

You’re making that up!

Not at all. It happens all the time. Below is our beautiful kid. Photo courtesy: Her mother.

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