Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Our Very Own David & Goliath | Flash Post 376

Our Very Own David & Goliath | Flash Post 376

He’s David and she Goliath.

Are you talking about our ginger cat and our Labrador?

I am, Button. Our David, in other words our ginger cat, is tiny, mischievous, a bundle of energy and a total brat. Our other baby, the Labrador, is big, a good and kind-hearted soul, gentle to boot and beautiful. Together, they make an awesome team.

But both can be equally mischievous.

He’s a total tease. He’ll walk jauntily past her wherever she’s sitting, staring at her  from the corner of his eye all the while. She stares back equally hard, her eyes following him to make sure he doesn’t make a sudden move on her and barks so suddenly that he runs for the nearest cover. He practices his high-jumps in the middle of the night by leaping over her when she is desperately trying to get up from the floor to go to bed imagining he’s a candidate for the high-jump category in the next Olympics. As she is all groggy-eyed and sleepy, she steps back to avoid him crashing into her with a whelp.  Both sleep in the same room when he decides to have supper around mid-night with the bell around his neck tinkling away so her sleep is disturbed. Post supper, his nightly ablutions start almost immediately, filling the air with a stench that’s hard to ignore, leave alone sleep in. She tucks her nose deeper into her pillow to cut the stench off, failing miserably. Post these activities, it’s playtime for him when he starts knocking down several small items off their nests and starts playing with each hitting them with his paws from one end of the room to the other. That’s the reason we called him Messi after all of you helped us choose a name for him: Remember? He dribbles the tiny objects so effortlessly that even The Messi would be put to shame. To help her calm down and fall asleep, we play Mozart’s clarinet concerto throughout the night. She punishes him by gobbling up his entire food and water kept for him till we decided to put both bowls on a higher pedestal. He, too, falls asleep at some point listening to the soothing strains of the clarinet. A couple of day back, a hilarious episode greeted me in the morning. Just when barididi goes in for a shower every morning, she locks her bedroom door and comes out after her treadmill routine and bath. If he’s in her room, where he usually is, he meows to be let out. Once he’s out, he meows to be let in. This continues repeatedly making barididi very angry as she often has important meetings lined up. The other day, after Messi had been let out, the Labrador went and lay just outside the door. Messi who was outside meowed once but, when she refused to budge, he kept pacing restlessly outside the bedroom door unable to go inside. I videotaped the entire episode and laughed my guts off seeing her smile from jaw to jaw as she felt she’d finally got the upper hand. A game he plays once the lights go off at bedtime is charge at us, frontal paws raised, eyes twinkling, to scare us. Barididi apes this act of his beautifully He’s also fond of gently biting ankles and bottoms.

Its hilarious and I’m sure our readers will be falling off their seats reading this post. The other episode you aren’t aware of is the one where Messi occupied Dost’s chair at the family dining table for breakfast in Dost’s absence!

I feel he occupied that chair because he’s the only other male member in the family, apart from Dost, and felt it was his moral duty to play paterfamilias.

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