Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
October 10. “I’m not feeling too good, Button.”

October 10. “I’m not feeling too good, Button.”

“Then you must go to sleep early.”

“But you know that my day will not be complete unless I write to you! By the way, I saw Mowgli following Rani into your room this morning! What did they talk about?”

“Actually both Rani and Mowgli came close to me, smelt me and spoke to each other in a language I didn’t quite comprehend. They were inside for precisely a minute. Now, will you please go to bed?”

“I’ll do just that. Goodnight Button.”


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