Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
March 24. “Button, did you see the entire match?”

March 24. “Button, did you see the entire match?”

“Didn’t miss a single moment. Yuvraj is too good.”

“Even Suresh Raina did a very good job.”

“Does that mean India and Pakistan will be playing the semi-finals?”

“That’s right.”

“Do you know when that match is going to be played?”

“It’s on Wednesday, March 30.”

“Now that will be some match! Who would you bet on?”

“India. Why, are you betting on Pakistan?”

“No, no… Should we bet by putting down a small amount say, Rs 100, on the table?”

“Why not? Incidentally, a sixth stray who lives outside the African Consulate has joined the group of 5 with Shabby gone. We’ve named him Patch because he has two patches over his eyes just like like a pirate would wear them.”

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