Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Live And Let Live! | Flash Post 354

Live And Let Live! | Flash Post 354

Button, while brushing my teeth this morning, I suddenly noticed a teeny-weeny spider slowly trudging along. It looked sad and weary and the idea of swatting it was quickly doused as I felt sorry for it. I came away leaving it to deal with life and, when I returned, it was gone. And I was glad that I had not killed it. Spiders are insects I have always felt icky about and have always either shoved away or killed but, this little creature, in particular, had changed my way of thinking and my compassion quotient.

That’s so sweet of you. All kinds of life have the right to live on this planet.

And, who are we to decide whether or not they should live? Exotic flora and fauna are hacked down and poached every day rendering most of them extinct. God or nature has strategically placed each living creature in their habitat for a specific purpose where each can live and gain sustainance from the other and keep ecological concerns perfectly balanced. Humans are the other species who are meant to live in tandem with all other species and contribute their bit to this ecological balance. But that equation has been completely destroyed by us leading to the collapse of our eco-system.

The damage done by humankind is colossal and I seriously doubt if it can get reversed.

We feel superior to other living species we are meant to co-habit with because of the greed we humans harbour: Greed to possess, greed to rule, greed to be one-up on other lives around us, greed to achieve at any cost and greed for greed’s sake.

This way, every life, big and small, will get trampled upon and disappear from the face of our planet.

Imagine a world without humans. Would there be wars, would there be greed, would there be enmity, would there be competition, would there be grief, would there be alarming rates of pollution, would there be poisonous gases to breathe, would our flora and fauna get wiped out?

On the day Dost and I caught the flight out of Mumbai to travel to Kolkata, I found a tiny silver moth circling round and round on the floor of our bathroom unable to fly and, probably, wounded. As I bent down and helped it to climb onto my finger, it found the strength to fly away as I held up my finger near the window. Do you know that moths live for a mere day? I knew I had no right to snatch away even a few seconds from its life and cut it short. The feeling was awesome as it fluttered its wings and flew away.

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