Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Her Story | Flash Post 440

Her Story | Flash Post 440

Whose story?

The pink nail clipper’s story, Button.

Is it about the one you swear by?

That’s the one. I have tried out different nail clippers but gone back to using the pink one. Chotidi swears by it too and refuses to use any other clipper other than the pink one. I don’t know why but this one’s special.

Let’s hear her story then. Who’s telling? She or you?

She will because it’s her story. You can ask her anything you want, Button.

My name is Pync and, as mama wanted to purchase a nail clipper, she chose me from a pile of nail clippers of various colours, designs, shapes and sizes from a store in Breach Candy after bargaining the price down from rupees 60 to rupees 35. There were other differently-coloured nail-clippers in that pile like a green one, a red one, a yellow one, a blue one and a white one but I got chosen. The date: November 6, 1982.

That means you complete 40 years today?

I do, Button. I feel so grateful to the family for not having chucked me out for a newer, shinier and fancier nail clipper after so many years. I am also grateful for the way they handle me each time they use me, gentler now that I have turned a little rusty after all these years.

That’s nice, na? They take good care of you because you’ve served them well. Forty years is a long time.

But I am sad today.

But why, Pync? Any particular reason why you should be after so many years of bliss?

I knew mama would notice it. And chotidi too.

What is it?

While clipping her nails, she mentioned to chotididi that, for the first time, she heard the slightest bit of creak which chotididi also confirmed having heard. Does that mean my days with the family are numbered?

Why do you say that? After all, your relationship with the family and theirs with you has been splendid. I think they’ll give you a break till your creaky joints get better.

And what do you do, Button? How long have you spent with the family?

I too have been around maybe not as long as you have but it’s been a good 20 years or so. She and I write this blog. In fact, this blog was born while she and I were having a conversation. She named me Button.

How did you land up with this family?

That’s a long story. Maybe a day will come when I’ll tell mine. Today is all about you. What’s your plan going forward?

For now, I am praying that, creaking joints or not, I will be around for as long as they need me.

Do you clip Dost’s nails too?

Dost doesn’t clip his nails. He either bites or tears them off. I saw him lifting both legs to his mouth one morning biting away at the toe nails of both feet. Not at the same time but in turns. When I shrieked in horror, he claimed he was doing the Baba Ramdev yoga pose. Something he is very proud of and challenges us to try out.

I have also seen mama carve his nails with a pair of scissors because they are too hard for a nail clipper to tackle. Did your creaking start the day she used your services to clip Dost’s nails?

I’ll tell you something if you promise not to tell on me.

I promise I won’t.

You’re not the only one with creaky joints, Pync. Mama has creaky knees too.

Did you just mention me in your tête-à-tête with Pync, Button?

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