Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Funny Or What! | Flash Post 438

Funny Or What! | Flash Post 438



Hahahahahahahahahaha… that was just too funny, Button. Hahahahahaha…

Is everything okay?

Sure is! Just having a good laugh at my recent predicament!  Haahhaahhaahhaah…

You’re scaring me now! If it’s a joke, share it with us so we can join in and laugh out loud. It’s clear that whatever you are laughing at is very funny.

It’s about the day I was prepping for the cataract surgery.

Are you talking about that particular incident? Go ahead and share it with our readers because I won’t be able to do justice.

Prepping prior to the surgery required administering antibiotic eyedrops for a day and a half followed by four turns of another eye drop to dilate the pupil. You saw me go through the paces, Button.

Yes. Please go ahead and tell them what followed.

It happened when I went and stood in front of the mirror only to discover that my left eyebrow had dropped way below the right one! I panicked because, as far as I remembered, they had been on par with each other just a few minutes back!

You’re laughing today because it’s in the past but I saw how anxious you were trying to drag the right eyebrow down and pull the other up but they refused to be dictated at and stood their ground!

And I kept asking everyone to give me an answer as to why this was happening but none of my family members had an explanation! That exasperated me further.

And the bit when you chose a pair of goggles—something you’ve never worn in your life— but chose your regular spectacles eventually to cover up the strangeness about your eyebrows and ran into the vehicle so nobody would notice.

I will now tell you about everything that followed from there on. So I got into the vehicle keeping my head lowered all the while only to discover that Nilesh, our nosy chauffeur, was looking at me in the rear view mirror sneakily.

How did you know he was looking at you?

Because I saw him peering into the rear view mirror and pull away the minute our eyes met. The drive to the clinic was smooth and quick but I had to find a way to alight and make a dash for the clinic. Nilesh, the chauffeur, held the door open for me but for a fraction of a second I found his eyes focused on my eyebrows with a puzzled expression on his face.

Why were you so conscious?

Because it was awkward for me and, when something is not right, you feel exposed.

Were there other patients in the eye clinic? Were they startled seeing your eyebrows?

There were four other patients sitting in the same enclosure but none of their eyebrows looked like a seesaw!

Were they staring at your eyebrows?

Most definitely and I kept telling chotididi that all the other patients had their eyebrows where they are supposed to be. When my consulting physician came to check on me, I asked him why my eyebrows were out of place. He examined the right eyebrow and told me that he was clueless because he had not seen any of his patients with mismatched eyebrows in all his years of practice.

That must have scared you to death!

He examined the bit above the right eyebrow and explained that what could have happened is that some muscle may have contracted causing the right brow to climb up. I later figured that the right brow had been in its place all along while the left had collapsed from the stress I was going through prior to the impending surgery.

What’s important is that both are back where they belong.

I have never looked in a mirror as much as I did that day! But all’s good now. I am going for a check up tomorrow and a date for cataract removal for my right eye. As we were leaving, the surgeon remarked: I see your eyebrows are back to normal. There was a naughty gleam in his eyes!

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