Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Flash Post 294!

Flash Post 294!

Button, read the passage above please.

I can see why you’re asking me to read it. By, the way, I was in your bedroom and listened to the passage when you read it out to the family.

When we were growing up, we were told to save up for the rainy day. In other words, to safe up for tougher times but that’s not what the passage says. The passage tells us that death can visit us anytime and that it’s futile to wait for another day to enjoy ourselves and it is now that we should have a good time.

It’s a very wise decision.

We can plan the birth of a child but not death. I see our creator sitting up there in the clouds holding multiple strings in his hands which he uses to manoeuvre us when he sends us down to earth. The minute he feels that our time on earth is up and he needs us there, he yanks the string back and we are gone from the face of this earth. In other words, we are all puppets in his hands and he plays us as he deems fit.

You think the old man up there needed your mother’s help around his house or to care for people  who are not well up there?

Possible. Whatever it is and wherever she is, I’d like to believe that she is well and extremely happy and mighty pleased that her daughters, sons-in-law, her grandchildren and their husbands got together last evening over a meal and had a good time.

May her soul rest in peace.

I can also visualise her smiling her wry smile having slipped out of our grasps and finally landing in a place where she’s found eternal peace.

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