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Flash Post 271!

Flash Post 271!

I was flipping through the pages of the February 26 issue of Outlook when I came across an article written by Natasha Badhwar where the headline reads “Marriage is a box of chocolates.” What’s your view?

It certainly is, Button.  If you handle marriage like an adult, it will seem like child’s play.


Absolutely. To tell you the truth, both dost and I used to fight over everything. All the time.

I can’t believe what you just said because what I see now is a calm and made-for-each-other couple. The two of you still fight verbally but that is so mild and you make up in no time and everything’s back to being normal again.

That’s where we’ve reached now having worked on our marriage because we knew we couldn’t do without each other. Dost of-course taught me not to sleep over our squabbles and silences. It was difficult initially when I wouldn’t speak with him for days after a fight but it’s all changed and we are the better for it.

How long have you’ll been married?

Forty years. Touch wood!

And you two oldies seem to be falling in love with each other a little more each day. And that’s just amazing.

Thank you, Button. Nazar nahi lagna chahiye!

Woah! Congratulations.

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