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Flash Post 225!

Flash Post 225!

Button, who says all human being are heartless and cruel? Like they say, the good comes with the bad.

Is there a reason you’re telling me this?

A 100 kmph squall that struck Kolkata on May 22 and the 180 mm rainfall the city received earlier this month resulted in uprooting many trees including a 100-year old banyan tree in Park Circus Maidan. Employees of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation trimmed, pruned and used medicines to treat the fallen banyan tree to take care of both fungal and bacterial infections from setting in. This was done by painting the exposed parts of the trunk and roots with a mix of an anti-fungal medicine and anti-biotic called streptocycline.

This is so touching and interesting.

The team, after having worked tirelessly for around 10 days successfully re-planted the tree last evening.

Will the other uprooted trees get re-planted as well?

They will try and re-plant as many trees as they can. Here’s a picture of the uprooted banyan tree and how the branches have been sawed off and painted to treat them.

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