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Flash Post 188!

Flash Post 188!

Button, do you recognise this flyover?

I wouldn’t have but for the text on the top lefthand side that’s staring me right in the eye!

The Kemps Corner flyover was the very first flyover built in India in 1965 by Shirish Patel for
Rs 17.5 lakh.

How much do you think is spent on building flyovers these days? Especially the ones that come crashing down in no time? For example, the one that crashed in Kolkata a few days back killing loads of innocent people?

I haven’t a clue. Goes to show how, in a span of about 51 years from the time the first flyover was built till now, things have changed for the worse. Crores of rupees are spent on flyover after flyover using sub-standard material that’s bound to give way some time or the other. Dedicated voters like me, who vote governments to power every five years,┬á who are promised a million things if we vote for them, get duped every single time. Who do we vote for the next time round?

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