Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Flash Post 176!

Flash Post 176!


Button, did you just sneeze?

Yes, I did. Did I do something wrong?

Did you know that every time you sneeze, some brain cells die?

But we all sneeze. How can I stop myself from sneezing?

Everything doesn’t have to be either this or that. What I meant when I made that point was for you to be aware when you sneeze the next time.

But I still won’t be able to stop myself from sneezing when I have a cold or when something enters my nose and tickles.

You love stories, don’t you? I’ll tell you a funny one.

That’s what I love about you. Your ability to make up stories from just nothing.

There was once a big giant called Koko.

As Koko lay on his back, fast asleep in a field after the massive meal he had eaten, other creepy crawlies like the ant, the earthworm, the snail… heaved a sigh of relief because that was the only time when they could come out of their hide-outs to either hunt for food for themselves and their families or breathe in some fresh air. Koko’s massive feet crushed dozens of them every time he woke up to take a walk or to hunt for more food.

One day, as Koko slept after a huge meal of fish and crabs, the creepy crawlies got together and hatched a plan to play a prank on Koko. As the snail and the earthworm are slow creatures, the group took a call to use the ants as bait. The ants were told to enter Koko’s nostrils in hordes, tickle his nostrils as far back as they could go, for as long as they could.

So the first army marched in and kept going and going. It was indeed a deep tunnel, they thought to themselves.


And every time Koko aaachoooooooed, the ants would come flying out without actually getting hurt.

This went on for some time until Koko realised that this was not normal. He sat up to find himself surrounded by insects of all shapes and sizes, all holding on to their stomachs and laughing away.

Now what on god’s earth is happening? He bellowed.

As the creepy-crawlies began to run amuk, fearing for their lives if Koko decided to stand up, the giant called them back and gently asked them why they had disturbed his sleep.

Once they confided in Koko as to why they had played a prank on him, the giant himself came up with a plan to yawn out very loud ever time he wished to stand up so his friends could move away.

After that day Koko became their best friend and they all lived together happily ever after.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Thank you so much for the lovely story.

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