Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Flash Post 155!

Flash Post 155!

Button, Dost has added an adjective before Mojo’s name!

But why? MoJo is a nice stand-alone name.

The adjective he used is “extortionist.”

Extortionist meaning someone who forcefully takes things from you?


And how is MoJo an extortionist?

Because she extorts biscuits from Dost which are served with his morning cup of tea.

I see.

MoJo actually eats 99% of the biscuits and Dost has to feed her those biscuits in quick succession because she keeps pawing and scratching him till those biscuits get over.

She’s your sweetheart, I can tell.

Listen to this last bit.

All ears…

Once the empty plate is shown to her, she packs up and goes and plonks on the terrace for her fresh oxygen supply and sunshine. Every single morning, mind you!

Really? Why have I not noticed it!

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