Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Eyes That Do Not See. Ears That Do Not Hear | Flash Post 406

Eyes That Do Not See. Ears That Do Not Hear | Flash Post 406

Button, I shared some lovely time with our special kid this morning.

Did you take some of those lovely pictures of her then?

As you know, my mornings are spent having a cup of tea with Dost, responding to good morning messages sent by loved ones, ordering my daily groceries, taking a call on the day’s menu and, ever since the novel coronavirus took over our lives, reading a few newspapers online.

But this morning was beautiful when I stepped onto the terrace for my morning walk at seven.  It was sparklingly bright with clear blue skies and birds chirping away. Do you know that I can recognise a parrot’s whistle from the cawing of crows and the cooing of pigeons? Have you seen all those tiny love birds that frequent the garden often?

That’s impressive. But I was about to tell you that our kiddo suddenly turned very restless and dragged herself towards the terrace.

Maybe all she wanted was some attention.

The bustle we were witnessing prior to the pandemic had turned most of us into robots where we’d see a beautiful sunrise yet turn a blind eye or turn a deaf ear with Andrea Bocelli singing Ave Maria in the background.  Seeing that the day was lovely I suddenly felt like giving my daily chores a miss and sharing some time with her. I picked her up gently and stepped out onto the terrace and lay her down on a spot dappled with sunshine.
How did she react?

She sat upright supporting her body on her forearm when her eyes caught a couple of love-struck tiger butterflies playing their love game. She followed their movement until they left.

How do you know she was watching the butterflies?

I realised because I pulled one of the terrace chairs close to her and followed her gaze. I have always been eager to get inside the heads of pets and probing what actually goes on. I chanced upon the perfect moment today and slipped inside her mind and imagined what could possibly be coursing through as I proceeded to follow every tilt of her head, every gaze and every twitch of her ears.

I’ve seen her follow every movement wherever she is and use her ears as antennas to catch the faintest sound.

When she heard a bike scoot past making a loud vroom…vroom…vroooom:  Man, it’s Sunday. Must you wake up the entire neighbourhood? You are horribly inconsiderate and bad-mannered. Did you eat some rubbish that’s given you so much gas? My mother always taught me to eat less.


Hahahaha. She’s a naughty one. Does she know about me?

Her thoughts on seeing you: He has a fat belly but is privileged as he has all four limbs. Why can’t he go for a walk everyday? But he has a cute nose and piercing eyes and I love the bow-tie round his neck that seriously needs dry cleaning.
That’s so mean.

When she noticed an adult snail loitering by: Why are you carrying your hut on your back! Come and race with me. You’re very slow and I’m sure I can beat you if we ran a race.


I pray she can run around some day.
An ant walking zig zag on the floor: Surely you can walk straight, baby. Or did you have something potent to drink! Please don’t lose your balance and fall on me. I’ll get crushed.

Did she have any more visitors?

Meeting up with the sun: You are so strong and you move from one end of this big universe to the other every single day. Doesn’t that bore you? Don’t you get tired?

Those are smart thoughts.

When a crow flew in to sip some water and their eyes met: Don’t you get any closer. Do you wear that crotchety look on your face all the time? Are you not happy for just being alive?

She’s observant.

When she saw a couple of bumble bees flying at her, she turned around and looked pleadingly at me as if to say: The last thing I want is to get stung by a bee.

Those eyes can melt any heart.

I felt she’d seen and heard enough for the day and carried her back.

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