Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
David and Goliath | Flash Post 401

David and Goliath | Flash Post 401

Button, do you know what happened last night?

You mean the incident in chotididi’s room?

That’s the one.

It was hilarious.

Let’s do a funny take on it.

You mean, like write a story?

Why not? A little laughter in these times could do us all some good.

A story that’ll leave our readers splitting their sides with laughter.

You take the first leap today.

She was tiny, maybe just a few hours old. When her beady eyes opened for the first time, they looked around in wonder.

She shook her frail body, stretched her limbs and moved her head this way and that to release the tension in her neck and readied herself for some fun and games.

She saw a light as she looked up and decided to find out where it was coming from as everything around her was dark.

Stretched in an upward-facing dog yogic posture, she found herself on the ledge of a window that opened onto a brightly lit room with sparkling white walls. She spotted a fly and made the first move of her life determined to catch it. As she made her way towards it, the fly went and settled a wee bit away. She glided towards it and missed it  again, cursing her luck. The game continued for a while until she slipped and fell on a white duvet under which sat chotididi working away furiously on a project on her laptop.

Choti, with a penchant for doing things flawlessly, had her eyes glued to the laptop monitor, totally unaware of the chase being played out in her room under her very nose. The lizard, stunned after having fallen, stood still to catch her breath when her tiny eyes met with another pair of eyes that kept dilating until she realised there was someone else in the room. Suddenly there was a crash and she saw someone flying out, limbs flailing, shouting, screaming and trying to convey gibberishly that there was a baby lizard In her room. Unfazed, the tiny reptile ran off and hid herself in one of the folds of the duvet. Three maids armed with sticks and brooms rushed inside trying to spot the baby lizard but in vain. They searched every nook and cranny of the room but the lizard was nowhere to be seen.

While the search was on, the baby lizard had noticed a tall hat stand near the door. Seeing that the maids were busy making every endeavour to find her, she made a dash for it as fast as her tiny legs would carry her and quickly scrambled up. Unhindered, she watched the spectacle from her vantage point, wondering what those aliens were up to!

Choti, in the meantime, had given up the search after turning the bed on its belly. She got under the duvet once again having taken a decision to stay awake the entire night and make sure she did not encounter it again.

She suddenly woke up in the wee hours of the morning after having dozed off, took a minute to recall why every single light in her room was on and why she was sitting up and not tucked under her duvet. She shut her laptop and leaped out of bed, scouting for the baby lizard. The reptile in the meantime had found a soft nest inside one of the hats that hung on the hat stand and fallen asleep.

When chotididi sets her mind to do something, even Justin Beiber would fail to talk her out of it. She was convinced that the tiny lizard was hiding in her room and was determined to find it. And find she did. It had scrambled down the hat stand at some point and hidden herself inside one of the sneakers in the room.

The task of banishing her to our terrace garden was left to me.

That same night, as chotididi worked away furiously on her laptop to complete the project, she caught some movement from the corner of her eye and turned her head to see a grown lizard contemplating on whether she should enter the room and, this time, she froze.

Was mama lizard missing her little baby!

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