Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
“Corona” Virus | Flash Post 395

“Corona” Virus | Flash Post 395

I chanced upon our extended family consisting of Messi and our four-legged lovelies sprawled in the living room, post lunch, talking amongst themselves with a look of bewilderment on their faces. While Messi sat crouched on the ledge outside the window, one lay by the bay window that has a beautiful view of the garden outside with the other squatting beside her.

Button, in other words, you eavesdropped.

Not really. I found them engrossed in a discussion and became very curious.

Did you comprehend what they were talking about?

Somewhat. Produced below are bits of their conversation I was able to decipher:

First voice: The one thing I find the family discussing these days is something called coro…corona…can one of you shed some light on it and tell me what it is?

Second voice: After having been around with the family for almost 9 years, I have picked up a smattering of Bengali and, if I’m right, the word “corona” means “don’t do that” in the Bengali language.

Third voice: I’ve also heard them discuss the matter but don’t know what it is.

First voice: Hey, buddies, come and see that huge rat scurrying around in the garden. If only I could lay my paws on him. That would have been a real feast. You  mean to say that had I done that, the family would have reprimanded me saying, “Messi, corona”.

Second voice: Probably. Haven’t you heard the lady of the house use this word often? Whenever Dost tries to sneakily kiss her in the hall, she pushes him away saying, “Corona. Shamay bhalo na”. Meaning, “Dont do this. This isn’t the time”. I have heard this word being used copiously in the last couple of weeks by everyone in the family as well as the house staff.

Third voice: Mmmm…

First voice: I heard the lady of the house singing some Hindi film number that went—Corona Pyaar Hai or something like that. Have you heard her too?

Second voice: It’s not Corona Pyaar Hai but Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. I too have heard her sing it frequently lately.

Third voice: I don’t know what you’ll are talking about. I’ll take a nap in the meantime.

First voice: I refuse to believe this. There must be something more to it. Since you comprehend the language more than us, pay a little attention next time and see if you can unearth some more intel on this frequently-used word.

Second voice: Stop. Listen to the news on television. From what I hear, this “Corona” thing is a dreaded virus that has hit humans with tremendous force and shut down the entire universe literally. Apparently, there have been a large number of humans who have died and millions who have been infected. It’s a virus gone crazy with no cure in sight yet. While addressing the nation yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested all citizens to try and curb the spread of this virus by staying and working from home and not go out at all if it can be helped. Citizens have been told to wash their hands frequently and group gatherings have been banned. Only those who are infected have been advised to wear masks. People have been advised to report to testing centres if they have fever and a runny nose. Shri Modi has also imposed curfew on Sunday to keep citizens off the roads.

Third voice: Does that mean we can get infected too?

First voice: I hear that this virus can’t be transmitted from humans to animals and vice versa but animals could infect each other.

Second voice: And read what the family has put up on their notice board. It’s meant to be The Ten Commandments for the family in the time of Coronavirus:

1.   “Bhul corona, baar baar haath dhute” meaning don’t forget to wash your hands frequently.
2.  “Choya chuyi corona” meaning stay away from touching.
3.  “Bhoi corona” meaning don’t be scared.
4.  “Kichu maratok corona” meaning don’t do anything that may endanger you.
5.  “Shardi kashi hole bhoi corona. Check-up kore nio” meaning if you have a fever accompanied by cold or cough, check with your doctor.
6.  “Travel corona” meaning avoid travelling.
7.   “Office jawa jawi corona” meaning don’t go to office. Work from home.
8.  “Bhul corona mask porte”meaning don’t forget to wear a mask.
9.  “Handshake corona. Koro namaskar” meaning greet people with a namaskar.
10. “Anekjan mile galpo gujab corona” meaning keep safe distance from others.

Third voice: It’s all so negative.

First voice: I don’t know about the family but I’d hate to live with so many restrictions if I had to. I am one with Mike Tyson, former world heavyweight champion, when he said—I’m looking forward to death. Living is far too complicated.

(PS: Cheer up readers. Hope you are well.)

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