Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Come Into My Parlour Said The Spider To The Fly | Flash Post 331

Come Into My Parlour Said The Spider To The Fly | Flash Post 331

Button, during one of my morning visits to our terrace garden to meet and greet the trees and plants, I bumped into a massive spider web that stretched from the Christmas tree to the jasmine tree and, as I flung my arms helter skelter to get the sticky gossamer off my face, I saw a fly stuck in it struggling to get free.

Make up a story and tell us what you would do were you in the fly’s place.

I entered this beautiful garden where all species of plants were in bloom. As I skipped from flower to flower inhaling their scent, I reached a beautifully dressed up Christmas tree that looked like a bride awaiting her betrothal.  Some distance away was this jasmine tree which was not in bloom yet beautiful. Trying to cross over to the other side through the space between these two trees, I got badly entangled in something that seemed like a net. It felt sticky and so fine that I had not noticed it while crossing over. From my spot, I could see a big juicy spider resting on the web. I wondered what he was doing there! Was he also stuck? I struggled to release myself thinking I could catch the spider for a great Sunday brunch and smacked my lips at the prospect. In the meantime, the spider left his spot and began crawling towards me, slowly at first. 

Our story is coming up well, I must say.

In the fraction of a second, I realised the spider was closing in on me, moving at a frenzied pace doing a balancing act—that was much better than a practised trapeze artist—on the fine silken strands of the same net I lay almost inert on and struggled some more only to find that I was badly stuck. As I lay there crucified, I felt fear for the first time.

I would have been very scared.

I struggled again with as much vigour I could muster still dreaming of the possibility of grabbing him as he walked towards me for my exotic brunch. To my dismay, I  found the spider almost upon me staring into my eyes and wondered what my fate would finally be! Was he coming to rescue me or was he, too, looking forward to a grand Sunday brunch! I even prayed.


All of a sudden, I found the fine silken threads that had bound me so far, loosen their grip. The spider, in the meantime, had scurried away. As I spread my wings and flew away, I realised my knight in shining armour who had come to my rescue hadn’t realised that she had saved a hapless fly from dying a slow and painful death that morning though I heard her sigh in relief. God had heard my prayer.

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