Dear Readers, you may notice the dates of the Blog do not match the Flash Post dates which are in real time. The blog was written in 2009 and saw the light of day 6 months back when my younger daughter discovered it and decided to bring it to you here.
Bhaago Bhooth! | Flash Post 381

Bhaago Bhooth! | Flash Post 381

Why in Hindi suddenly?

Button, don’t you know Hindi is our official language? We’ll have to, sooner or later, start writing our posts in Hindi. It’ll also be a change and change can be fun.

What does the title say?

It says: Run. There’s a ghost!

Are we trying to scare someone? Do ghosts exist?

Well, your Dost certainly believes they do!

I don’t. Do you?

Not me. But, everytime your Dost travels out of the country or city alone, he sleeps with all the lights and even the television switched on. The first, to be able to spot the ghost before he can run and, the latter, for company.

How would this keep the ghosts away since he believes they exist!

Like I said, he keeps the lights on so, on spotting them, he can escape!

Like that!

I’ll tell you why Dost suspects ghosts exist. Also, one of our directors on the board of our company claims to have seen a ghost moving around in the same building where we live.

Why did he say it? Did he really see a ghost?

Apparently, he’s seen a white shroud making her way up and down the staircase, sometimes, even sliding down the bannister.

Really? Did Dost, too, see her?

I’ll tell you a hilarious incident that took place a couple of days back which you know nothing about. Or you may have heard some commotion in the middle of the night?

Now that I think back, I do remember hearing someone screaming hysterically. Was it from our house? What happened?

Dost, usually, wears striped pyjama suits to bed every night. On that particular night when you heard the screams—your Dost decided to wear a white pyjama and kurta to bed.


Around midnight, he woke up to use the washroom. Groping his way through the dark dressing area that has full-length mirrors on the  cupboards from one end to the other, he suddenly saw his own reflection in the mirror and took a step back. It was an identical reflection of him that stared back but he was so groggy with sleep that he didn’t quite get it that it was him, in his stark white pyjama kurta and began screaming thinking it was a ghost!

Which means that’s the scream I heard?

Must have been.

Did you wake up?

I take pride in the fact that I sleep the sleep of the dead—a fact that I am ragged for by the family— even I woke up and ran to the dressing room, my hair disheveled and eye and lip make-up smudged all over my face because we had got in way past my bedtime from a wedding and had not removed the greasepaint, groping with my eyes at half-mast through the dark to find out if he was alright.

What did you see when you reached the spot?

Seeing me like that, he thought he’d seen another ghost and the screaming began once again till I shook him up to get him out of his stupor.

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