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As Bright as a Button | Flash Post 388

As Bright as a Button | Flash Post 388

The headline has my name in it!

That’s because you’re special, Button. “As bright as a button” is a simile but I’ll first explain what the word means.

That would be nice.

A simile is a figure of speech that compares two different things in an interesting manner for example: As cool as a cucumber, as black as coal, as sweet as sugar, as light as a feather, as blind as a bat, as cold as ice, as brave as a lion and so on and so forth.

Bright as in shining or intelligent?

I would say both.

Thank you.

Other languages have similes too but the similes in Bengali, according to me, are by far, the cleverest and the sharpest.

Let’s hear them.

As I go along, I’ll explain what each of them mean.

You’ll have to do that, I guess.

1.  Jham jhame’ brishti describes non-stop rains
2.  Shor shore’ kapor conveys a slippery non-cotton fabric
3.  Phutphute’ chehara conveys a happy countenance
4.  Kat phata roudra describes sunshine that can burn
5.  Tontone’ gyan describes an alert mind
6.  Phurphure’ hawa is a gentle breeze
7.   Shonar meye’ means a very good girl or a golden girl
8.  Timtime’ roudra is a glimpse of sunshine
9.  Ghorghore’ shordi means a bad, bad cold
10.Pit pit kore dekha is to see through half-shut eyes
11. Moch moche’s khasta means crispy savouries
12.Gota shuti diye means sitting or sleeping in a foetal position
13.Jhar jhare’ bhat is a simile for separate grains of rice
14.Khitkhite mejaj means a crotchety mood
15.Tim time’ alo is light that’s not too bright


What happened?

Let our readers digest that first.

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